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After spending more than two years developing formulas, talking with hair care experts and conducting prototype testing at hair salons, the makers of Clever Curl have finally created a product line specifically for curls. Their formulas are sulphate and silicone-free and deliver moisture to curls while keeping them moisturized and hydrated. The ingredients used in Clever Curl products include Certified Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Rice Water Protein. The Clever Curl Cream rehydrates the finest curl. In addition, this cream works as a leave-in or traditional conditioner. Clever Curl	Clever Curl gel

If you’re a proud owner of naturally curly hair, you need to use a product like Clever Curl gel. It is specifically formulated for curly hair and provides lasting moisture to hold curls in place. In addition, the formula contains rice water, protein and Certified Organic Aloe Vera juice, so it’s vegan and cruelty-free. Their products are also 100% CG (curly girl) approved, which means they won’t make you break out!

The humectant properties of this gel are great for attracting moisture to curls, particularly in climates that are drier than others. Applying this product to the ends of your strands after your leave-in routine will result in firmer curls. Use your preferred application methods, such as raking or praying hands. Scrunching will also encourage stronger curls. Turn the heat down low and attach a diffuser to your blow dryer to dry your hair. Then scrunch out the crunch and reveal bouncy curls.

Dry Weather Clever Gel is similar to Clever but contains humectant properties that attract moisture to your textured hair. This type of gel is ideal for people who live in dry climates or experience frequent weather changes. So whether you are starting your curl journey or are already an experienced curl fan, Dry Weather gel will work wonders for you! It’s also an excellent choice for people who frequently lighten and colour their hair, swim in the ocean or work in an environment that can get humid; this product is the solution.

Clever Curl conditioner

Clever Curl conditioner is a leave-in product that helps to rehydrate dry hair. It can be used as a Co-wash, leave-in conditioner, or leave-on product. After washing, it’s best to scrunch hair to help activate curls. Then, use the included brush to distribute the product throughout your hair. Once the conditioner has absorbed into your hair, rinse with warm water.

You can find various products on the market that claim to add glamour to your locks. The Clever Curl range of hair care products focuses on improving the look and health of naturally curly hair. You can find this line of products at Haircare Superstore. Here are some benefits of Clever Curl conditioner. Read on to find out more about its excellent benefits. And don’t forget to use it regularly. Once you’ve found the right conditioner for your hair type, it’s time to try the shampoo!

This conditioner is perfect for those of us with natural curls. The formula is gentle enough for daily use. It helps maintain curl definition and helps control frizz. Moreover, the Clever Curl conditioner contains no SLS, silicones, or other harmful ingredients. And it’s vegan! A no-poo formula is an excellent option for those with naturally curly hair. If you’re looking for a no-poo shampoo, consider Clever Curl.

Clever Curl spray

Today, many busy women turn to innovative curly products to add a slick, sultry glam to their hair. But many of these products leave us feeling unsatisfied, tired, and frustrated. The truth is, clever curly products can improve the health of your hair and make it look more attractive. Here’s how. First, don’t mistake assuming all hair products are the same.

A Clever Curl hair product is the solution for smooth, silky, and hydrated curls. It can be added to a water spray bottle and sprayed on desired parts of your hair. The ingredients in Clever Curl include Certified Organic Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Panthenol Vitamin B5, Sodium Gluconate, and Allergen-free Fragrance.

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