Reception Tables For Your Wedding

Reception tables are essential to your wedding reception, ensuring guests have somewhere to sit and rest their empty glasses. You can also hire tables for outside seating. 

Furniture Hire AdelaideReception tables can be purchased from many suppliers, including Rustic Hire, Cort, and Feather. To get a free quote, complete our quick quote form. Then, choose the best furniture style, material, and colour for your budget. After all, it’s your special day, so make sure everything matches.


The company offers predetermined packages of furniture to lease that include delivery, set-up, and pickup. Customers can customise their rentals by selecting pieces individually or working with a CORT designer. It is easy to order and pay for furniture rentals online, and you can even request to have items delivered and installed for you. Once you receive your furniture, you can schedule delivery and pickup to avoid any hassles. In addition, Cort offers a one-week exchange policy, which means you can return or exchange any piece without additional fees. 

CORT has been in business since the late 1980s. CORT offers furniture rental packages to students, apartment communities, and military personnel. It also offers office-space furniture rental services. CORT also provides accessories. Founded in Virginia, CORT is an American company with a global footprint. Its sustainable business model produces 66% fewer greenhouse gas than competing furniture rental companies. The company also offers furniture rental packages at steep discounts for a more extended period. Learn more before hiring Furniture Hire Adelaide.


While most companies that offer the services to rent out their furniture will charge a membership fee and long-term contracts, Feather offers a flexible and affordable way to furnish your home. Customers can choose from various professionally curated packages or mix and match individual items and have them delivered to their doorstep the same day. The company even offers the option of buying some items for a discounted price after a specified period of use.

If you are worried about how to pay for furniture, you can also sign up for a monthly plan with Feather. Depending on the items you want to rent, you can choose from various plans for as little as $199 for drop-off and pickup services. The monthly rate varies according to the length of time you plan to use the items. The service is ideal for home staging or test-driving before committing to purchase. For long-term rentals, it’s possible to pay in instalments. Usually, you will have to pay a minimum of three months. Learn more before hiring Furniture Hire Adelaide.

Rustic Hire

A wedding in a country house could make use of rustic furniture. Even if the space is empty, rustic furniture hire could add unique character to the ceremony. If you haven’t decided on a rustic theme yet, plenty of options are available for your wedding reception. Rustic furniture hire is perfect if you want to create an authentic, old-fashioned theme. It can also be used to decorate a marquee.

Consider rustic wooden benches and tables to hire rustic furniture for your event. These are perfect for an Oktoberfest-style event, although they may not be the most comfortable place to dance! You can hire these rustic furniture items through a reputable furniture hire company such as Blue Sky Event Hire. These companies can deliver and set up their rustic furniture to suit your budget and style. To learn more about rustic furniture hire, visit their website.


The website makes event hiring simple and affordable. Their furniture selection and prices are competitive, making this an excellent option for weddings and other special occasions. You’ll also be able to exactly select what you need based on the duration of the event. The company also offers a range of accessories and furniture, ranging from lighting to dance floors. To find the right furniture for your next event, browse the website’s blog and check out their featured furniture.

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