What Makes Silk Laundry So Special?

Founded in 2015, https://saintgarde.com.au/ Silk Laundry is an online fashion brand that focuses on classic styles. Its pieces are designed to be worn over. This philosophy is carried over to all of its pieces. The company is international, with roots in Canada and Australia and teams collaborating in Spain. Read on to learn more about the brand and what makes it special. Let’s start with its socially conscious mission:

Katie Kolodinski

https://saintgarde.com.au/ Silk LaundryIf you’re looking for luxury, conscious clothing, you’ve come to the right place. Katie Kolodinski founded Silk Laundry in 2015 and grew up in Thunder Bay, Ont. She studied psychology in Australia, worked in picture framing and floristry, and started her career in fashion designing with a lingerie line. Five years later, she was inspired to create her line.

Originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Katie Kolodinski moved to Montreal, Canada, and started Silk Laundry with her husband, Reece Rackley. Her husband handles most of the business side. The couple moved to Montreal last year, and the business has grown exponentially. Katie Kolodinski has three stores, and the company’s HQ is in Montreal. Silk Laundry focuses on luxury, high-end, and eco-friendly clothing, and she sources her materials from China.

Katie Kolodinski’s journey to founding Silk Laundry

A native of Thunder Bay, Ont., Katie Kolodinski founded the clothing line Silk Laundry with her husband, Reece Rackley. The pair spent 17 years in Australia before settling in Montreal in 2015. While based in Canada, Kolodinski sources her silk in China, and her designs are unique to her brand. Silk Laundry focuses on environmental sustainability, and the prints are created using eco-friendly dyes.

After running her store for a year, Katie realised she loved working with silk. So then, she decided to start her own business, which she named Silk Laundry. Initially, the company released five skews of silk and launched with a ’90s-inspired slip dress, camisole, t-shirt, and shorts. Soon after, the line expanded to include animal-print slip dresses, button-up shirts, and shorts.

The brand’s socially conscious mission

The socially conscious mission of https://saintgarde.com.au/ Silk Laundry is to create environmentally friendly, ethically produced clothing. The company’s sustainable production practices address child labour, gender rights, and fair-trade manufacturing topics. Sustainable fashion is a growing movement in the fashion industry. Silk Laundry is proud to be part of it. You can also join the cause by purchasing ethically produced clothing. Learn more about Silk Laundry’s sustainable fashion practices and shop the brand’s online boutique.

The company’s sustainable products are made from renewable resources and are produced responsibly. For example, organic cotton reduces water consumption by 91%. Organic cotton only uses 1% of the world’s cotton production, but it costs more than conventional. Organic crops require additional investments and machinery. They also promote carbon-sequestration farming practices. And the company promotes fair-trade projects and regenerative agriculture. The mission of Silk Laundry reaches far beyond clothing.

The brand’s latest collection

The endangered species capsule collection is a great way to bring a piece of the past back into fashion. The brand’s founder, Katie Kolodinski, has embraced a sustainability philosophy and is committed to adopting more beneficial practices for the environment and society. The company is an international brand with a team in Canada, Australia and Spain. The brand is committed to using only natural dyes and sustainable sourcing materials.

Founded in 2015, https://saintgarde.com.au/ Silk Laundry is an Australian brand that focuses on sustainability and encourages consumers to invest in higher-quality pieces. Its aesthetic is one of classic, timeless style and effortless luxury. The collection consists of elevated basics in a muted colour palette. So even wearing a t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, a silk blouse, and a leather skirt can instantly elevate your look.

How to care for silk garments

Among other things, the right way to wash silk requires constant movement. Initially, you must soak the garment in cool water and rinse it without wringing. You should avoid drying the garment in the dryer since it may warp. You can also iron it while it is still damp, which will smooth out wrinkles. You can also use a mesh washing bag for delicate fabrics. When you wash a silk garment, use a gentle detergent.

Before washing a silk garment, test it by dabbing a small spot on it with a clean cloth. Always follow the label and wash your silk garments carefully. It’s best to wash your silk garments at least every two to three wearings to maintain their beauty and colour. However, you should avoid washing your silk garments too often as the colours may fade fast if you don’t follow the proper washing and drying methods.

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